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Humanity Can, and Must Do Better!

Peter Kropotkin

"A different conception of society, very different from that which now prevails, is in process of formation.”.

"A society entering into possession of the social capital accumulated by the labor of preceding generations, organizing itself so as to make use of this capital in the interests of all, and constituting itself without reconstituting the power of the ruling minorities."

"All belongs to all. All things are for all men … All is for all!"

Pyotr Alexeyevich Kropotkin, The Conquest of Bread

A Brief Sketch

We Freethinking Libertarian Socialists are on a mission to create an Educational Intentional Community that's grounded in Naturalism, Radical Behaviorism, Egalitarianism, Environmentalism, Permaculture, Anti-racism and Anti-Fascism.

An Anarchist University Commune, a community of solidarity and liberation: we'll embrace degrowth, secular humanism, interpersonal and ecological intimacy, art and life-long education.

On this foundation, we'll employ science and technological innovation to develop and share a model for a prefigured cultural environment, that delivers optimal individual freedom, happiness and well being for our ourselves, and a strong and cohesive, self-sufficient ecovillage. And we'll do all of this, while living out our lives in an evolving therapeutic environment of our own creation.

Walden Ecoversity is our organizational core. Its unique design is a combination of the University and Intentional Community models. It is comprised of an Agricultural College, a Liberal Arts University, a Technical Institute and a Vocational College: an EcoUniversiTute. The university campus is our Ecovillage: our all-volunteer Membership the staff. The EcoUniversitute will engage in a wide range of interdisciplinary, academic, scientific, artistic, vocational, technical and professional research, training, entrepreneurial and mutual aid activities.

Walden EcoVillage is not only our home, it is the therapeutic milieu within which we will develop and test cultural practices and technologies that deliver individual happiness and cultural excellence; Resort guests will use the milieu to practice and strengthen new learning. Our caring, rational and progressive communards (Members) will staff, not only the Ecoversity, but the Farm and our ancillary businesses as well.

Our experimental organic Farm encompasses all of the land and natural resources to which we will have access. It will provide healthy, delicious, organic sustenance to members and guests and serve as the EcoUniversity's agricultural laboratory and the training facility for the farming components of our Right Living Curriculum (for Resort guests). Additionally, the farm will support a retail nursery and lumber yard by creating non-timber forest products and biomass for sale to outside customers.

Walden Wellness Resort will provide the infrastructure, education, training and rejuvenative services necessary for the physical and the psychological well-being of its guests, as well as for the execution of our Mission and realization of our Vision. The restaurant and spa facilities will also serve the general public.

Our ancillary social entrepreneurial enterprises will deliver goods and services to Walden and the outside community and as Mutual Aid; they will be focused on degrowth and derived from factors related to our Mission, community need, and from the unique interests and skills that individual members bring to the community.

We are the first SociocraticNaturalistEcoUniversityFarmResortCommune: a prefigured, post-capitalist model for ethical communal living.

At present, we're working to build our organization (E.g. structure, processes, people, funding) and have yet to acquire land. Walden Ecovillage therefore, exists now in cyberspace, in our hearts and in our aspirations for a better world. Your participation in this developmental process (at any level) is welcome and will be greatly appreciated.

About This Website

In the pages that follow you will find the current version of 'the starting place' for our intentional community project. We fully expect that as we become better informed about the consequences of our specific proposals and as details about available resources become clearer, many aspects of this start-up plan will change. Additionally, our organizational structure and process will necessarily facilitate meaningful change in directions consonant with evolving member preferences (social validity).

Our intentions with this site are to: provide our group members with a publicly accessible resource for discussing the project with non-group members; keep the group members current (and on the same page); and to (quickly) create a public presence in order to encourage comment and constructive criticism (of the project- not the website) from the global community. The content that results from this collaboration will be used for the next, more sophisticated, website; our ability to coordinate our group, recruit participants and fund-raise, are predicated on these developments.

Our Appropedia Wiki is ready for your comments criticisms and contributions. Check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter (We're transitioning to Mastodon @waldenecovillage@Todon.eu).

Using this site:

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In addition to a few technical problems with this website, the presentation format (many long articles on a single page) is demanding on the visitor: a necessary evil at this point in the development of content. In order to mediate the navigational part of this challenge, you will find (on several pages) a Table of Contents in the sidebar; a 'back to Table of Contents' link, at the end of each section, will return you to the Table of Contents (as will your browsers 'Back' button).

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"Imagine there's no heaven- It's easy if you try. No hell below us- Above us only sky. Imagine all the people Living for today

Imagine there's no countries- It isn't hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for- And no religion too. Imagine all the people Living life in peace

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us- And the world will be as one"

Imagine no possessions- I wonder if you can. No need for greed or hunger- A brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people Sharing all the world

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us- And the world will live as one"

John Lennon

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